Proving To the World That Taijutsu Is The Best (Also Known As Training) WIP

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Proving To the World That Taijutsu Is The Best (Also Known As Training) WIP

Post by Kona on Sun Jun 24, 2018 6:17 pm

Normally, a desert can get rather windy and cold when it gets dark, but this early morning it was just a just a bit on the nippy side. It was in fact still dark, but that also meant it was a quiet time of day with the absolute minimal amount of distractions available. This was why Kona loved to pick this set time to train...well, it was one of many reasons.

Her others reasons made just as much sense: getting her exercise in this early in the day allowed her to get pumped up for the day and properly warm her body up for the day ahead. It also gave her enough time to rest so that she wasn't just worn out and wanting to sleep her morning away and lose all that time that could be better spent doing more productive things. It also helped her work up an appetite just around time all the food vendors and restaurants would be opening up, so it would be easy to sneak a cinnamon bun or two without anyone looking: they would no doubt be too busy setting up shop for them to notice a small red-headed girl enter the corner of their eye and leave just as quickly as she got there.

However, the quiet one was the most imporant

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