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Post by Akawaga Yemon on Mon Jun 18, 2018 11:52 pm

Ninja Card

Character Name: Akawaga Yemon
Nickname: None
Gender: Male
Age: 13

Height: 5’
Weight: 121 lbs
Yemon is the definition of a trap. It gets worse because Yemon does not care to tell most people if he is male or female. Only Yemon’s immediate friends know the truth, this is all completely reinforced by how Yemon looks. Yemon is hairless, and stands at a decisively normal height, and has no defining muscles. On top of it, Yemon has a surfer length cut that could be on any man or woman, and despite best guesses, has enlightened lips that Yemon keeps coated in chapstick. It gets even more weird when Yemon speaks. The voice is slightly but not high enough to be distinctively feminine. Almost as if Yemon was still a young boy, or a deeper voiced girl. Even more enforcement comes from Yemon's choice in clothing and hygiene products. Yemon uses very girly smelling shampoo and conditioner but wears a cologne, so Yemon permeates with the smell of both girly fruits and the tropics. If all the extra work that Yemon put into his looks was not enough, the only odd part of Yemon looks is his shoulder blades. Which are double jointed and therefore extend from the back when hunched quite a bit or while flexed.   That being said, Yemon can change his looks in an instant, cut off his hair, wear a dress.

Yemon's personality is defined by his innate lack of worry and his tenancy to not really judge anyone. He gets his work done, at a leisurely pace and tends to miss deadlines that seem trivial or boring. He just sort of goes with the flow as much as he can because that's far more normal for him than being too emotionally involved. Yemon can be found frequently relaxing, or looking for something to stifle his boredom. Which comes and goes at set intervals based on what is going on around him. He does not calculate things, he just acts, preferring not to think. As Yemon doesn't like second guessing himself, hindsight is pretty useless if you stop moving forward. The young man is more philosopher than anything else and tends to keep himself moving time and time again. Yemon also tends to relax more than not and has a very different set of beliefs from most people.

Yemon has a natural problem with authority, preferring to ignore anything and everything for the fact that he really doesn't care what people tell him. Not because he doesn't get his work done or because he dislikes authority, he just doesn't feel the need or want to deal with things like that. They seem almost distant and beneath him. It comes from his relaxed attitude. Most people want everyone to get up and do as much as they can, but he has no real motivation. Or at least, he has motivation and does things he wants to do. He will spend hours honing a skill or muscle movement if he thinks it's something that is useful or interesting. Though, if you ask him to rescue a cat, he would probably respond with the cat should get a new owner.

Yemon lives by the idea that fear makes you smart. Only stupid people aren't scared of things. After all, people who are fearless make careless actions. So, while he's good at hiding and not showing it, Yemon relies on intuition a lot more than most and doesn't prefer to get into fights with anything or anyone he doesn't have to or doesn't know anything about. He prefers to talk his way out of situations, though a lot of times that simply is him being as bored as possible until the problem goes away.

Yemon was born to an engineer mother and a blacksmith father. He was the youngest in his family, boasting an older sister who constantly makes fun of him. Other than that, Yemon's childhood was relatively uneventful, he enrolled in samurai training like his sister when he was seven, and didn't graduate until he was twelve. His sister, on the other hand had gone through the samurai training in just two years. Making her much more attention grabbing than Yemon.   As her younger brother, however the fact that he was both androgynous and had a gift for being quiet lead to him being trained as an intelligence operative.

Yemon made his way through military school at a slow pace, preferring to hang around with his father and cut classes more often than not. He really didn't find much joy in listening to people super-impose their beliefs on him simply because Yemon didn't find things like that enjoyable. What he did like was the idea of being a spy.  Changing appearances, pretending to be someone else and so on and so forth.  He liked the amount of extra work it took and his personal fear of speaking made it interesting to him.  Airgetlam was his father’s personal gift to him, the transforming weapon was designed with Yemon’s love of music in mind.

Spy training in the land of Iron was what Yemon enjoyed, he wasn’t exactly good at it, as not being liking to speak inhibited some of the finer points of espionage.  Though he found it intriguing.  Walking into a bathroom and coming out someone else was always a fun idea to him.  He specialized in things like that, though he obviously didn’t have anything as overpowered as transformation technique to do so.  He would simply cut his hair, or not and color it, toss on a dress and walk out.  He looked like a generic skinny person so being able to vanish was an easy thing to do.

Following his training Yemon was released into the world as a covert operative posing as a young wandering musician.


Village: Land of Iron (Counts as a Wanderer)
Rank: E Rank
Clan: None
Element: None
Specialty: N/A

Total Stats:
Chakra: 1
Speed: 15
Stamina: 2
Strength: 2

Other Characters: None
Notes: Samurai
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Post by Yune Uzumaki on Fri Jun 22, 2018 6:45 pm


Have fun, and welcome to the site!

Remember to make a character log and link to it in your signature.

And so fell the sword of fate.
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