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Senkin, Naomi [W.i.P] Empty Senkin, Naomi [W.i.P]

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Ninja Card

Character Name: Senkin, Naomi
Gender: Female
Age: 16

Height: 5'11" | 180.34 cm
Weight: 152 lbs | 68.94 kg

Appearance:  "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder", whilst the saying is certainly true, many would agree that Naomi possesses two especially captivating characteristics regarding her physical appearance: both her eyes and hair. When inquiries are made regarding the color of her eyes - there would be conflicting reports of blue and green; both are incorrect. The true color of the woman's ocular glasses is a gainsborough gray - often seen as either a pale blue or green depending on the lighting or her set of clothing. Though all three variations have a tendency of attracting the attention of others as a result of their clarity - seemingly baring her very soul to the world. Their somewhat rounded shape bears evidence of metamorphosing into a rather sharper shape with the passage of time - a fact that swiftly urges onward with the stress induced by her status as an upcoming kunoichi. While such clear eyes may ordinarily be counted as a blessing - such is not the case with the deranged youth. A set of eyes exhibiting such clarity are just as easily described as honest - easily revealing emotions; rarely capable of shielding sentiments or tell convincing orthodox lies. Shooting flames of malice whenever angered, crystalline sparkles when joyous, and dull listless stares whilst saddened - to give a few examples. Hence, while she may be quite difficult to understand, any whom pay attention to her eyes would gather some insight - and an indication as to when they should start running. Such mirrors of the soul lay surrounded by deep curled lashes which further promote the attention given to them. Situated a short distance, one would find dark finely-arched brows; placed high upon her forehead, especially whenever she finds herself overexcited. A striking contrast is made between the color of her hair and that of her eyes - instilling an exotic appearance: her usual wild and thick mane of hair possesses an unearthly red color.

The overwhelming shade of red often prompts others to fantasize wild fire running rampant atop her head - though even that description fails to capture what the color truly represents. Rays of sunlight play along with wild and untamed strands whom have never once succumbed to the teeth of a comb - further giving the youth an intense appearance. As a result of her apathetic nature, her hair is often kept relatively short in order to limit the need for maintenance; albeit it remains long enough still to reach her shoulders. This 'indomitable state' often obscures her vision in form of strands dropping before her eyes - irritating the youth at the futility of brushing her bangs aside. Upon reaching the absolute limit of her patience, Naomi will cut silky strands in a semi-random manner with ease; unperturbed to the concept of beautifying herself - she never was one to bother with such hassle. Both the stunning color and unruly hairstyle is pleasantly suitable to Naomi - a fair representation of her indomitable personality. The origin of her iconic hair lied within a desire to protest against society's view of a girl - refusing to be someone concerned with her appearance, head filled with the idea of romance, to act in a manner "befitting of a woman". Hence bringing about her nature as a tomboy, which would follow her for the remainder of her life. Whilst she does indeed possess certain attractive qualities in form of natural beauty - she is not without faults of her own. An often unnoticed example are her eyebrows - the left is a shade lighter than that of the right. A nose that is often referred by others as slightly too big, or slightly too small - in short, a variety of such things that are only truly noticed upon closer inspection. These imperfections are often hidden by her stronger qualities - such as the way her messy strands of hair frame her delicate face as to bring about her well-defined jawline and high cheekbones; hence her chin appears small but well-defined, thrusting out in a rather adorable manner whenever she feels offended by something, or feels the need to state a point. Flattering lips of a light-rose color described as full and soft - with pearly whites finely straightened.

As an individual whom prefers the outdoors versus staying indoors - her skin had gained a golden tawny complexion over the years; remaining free of any marring blemishes upon its smooth surface. The knowledge that Naomi refrains from using cosmetics could prove to be an annoyance to other females - instead, she relies heavily upon a healthy diet and exercise leading her to retain a fresh and clean appearance. While she may be described as an attractive person by most - despite her poor social skills and deranged demeanor. She carries herself more-so in a 'manly' manner rather than using feminine charms - often having her walking forward referred as 'stomping onward', devouring any meal as if she were starving. As a result of her tomboy-ish upbringing, her mannerisms and speech lack any flirtatious quality; hence in this regard, she is seen as rather innocent between the differences of a man and a woman. Those whom knew of her during her earlier years, would be surprised to find that she had quite the growth spurt - typically towering over those within her age-group; to which she enjoys immensely. But alas, it appears that upon reaching the age of fourteen, she had found herself stuck in front of the 5'11" (180 cm) wall. While she may not be considered short, she would have preferred gaining a few inches more to her height - seeing as she disdains being looked down upon in a literal sense. It appeared that her growth spurt had also included her having taken out most of her physical development - having achieved quite an impressive hourglass figure at the tender age of fifteen; much to her dismay. At present time, she bears a slim waist - with a flat stomach with a nice hint of abs situated above. Her legs are both long and slender - though possess strength under the guise of flat sinewy muscles; a testament to her training as a taijutsu-orientated kunoichi. Likewise, her arms are also long and slender - yet retain a certain sense of grace. She possesses rounded firm buttocks, and as previously mentioned, a generously-sized bosom.

Clothing: Fashioned with a pair of small ears which lay hidden beneath the thick mass of hair - she seldom bothers wearing earrings, or any form of jewelry for that matter, despite having the required piercings in each of her earlobes. As with any person, her line of clothing possesses quite a range in terms of style - often influenced by the weather or situation. Though she does hold a personal preference over sturdy and comfortable clothing rather than stylish or elegant as per most people. For example - she vastly prefers wearing a pair of jeans rather than a skirt; though appears to have no qualms with shorts in reason of their ease of movement. Tank-tops are a common choice, though it is not uncommon for her to don light shirts. In terms of color coordination, she prefers light colors though has an accepting stance with black; commonly attributed to her boots. Upon those relaxing or warm days of summer - she would choose to walk with her feet bare, or even a pair of sandals. In short, she is an individual whom seeks comfort and appreciates a sense of freedom over anything else. In addition to, she owns a black leather jacket which she rather likes - albeit typically only wears during cold days. The proof of her status as a kunoichi, the hitai-ate, can be found securely wrapped around her left arm.




Village: Kirigakure no Sato
Rank: Academy Student
Element: Raiton

Total Stats: 20 Base + 15 Bonus
Chakra: 5
Speed: 11
Stamina: 11
Strength: 8

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