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Post by Belladonna on Wed Jun 06, 2018 9:04 am

Name: The Cult of Vecna
Cult of Vecna Necromancy_magic_circle_by_xyee
History: The Cult of Vecna originated around seven hundred years ago in the land of Rain with the birth of a young boy named Vecna. As a young child, he had access to a special element called 'miasma'- an advanced form of Yin release that focused on the corruption and desecration of the living world. Quickly, he ascended into power, taking control of a small group of dedicated followers who would soon become his cult. He had two primary goals: one, to become immortal, and two, to spread his influence.

Using powerful medical techniques, he managed to extend his lifespan, but he still slowly grew older. For around a hundred years he continued to spread his cult until it had small sects of followers in every nation. Then, one day, he attempted an experimental jutsu that was intended to further extend his life- and he disappeared from the face of the Earth. Without him, his cult managed to spread a lot slower, and lost lots of influence, but little sects have managed to survive over the years, taking his disappearance to mean that he has ascended to godhood. Using his power as inspiration, they wander the world in an attempt to follow his example.

Kekkei Genkai:
-Miasma Release
-Unholy Constitution: Members of this clan have +20 chakra.
-Animate Dead: This isn't actually resurrection, but whatever. Basically, using the remains of existing humans (NPC characters, these puppets don't gain anything special), the user can create puppets out of them. These puppets have 20 damage resistance due to the dark energy that permeates them.

Joining Requirements: Birth into the cult. This kekkei genkai cannot be stolen, because it is more of a religion/way of life than physical bloodline. First specialty must be medicine or puppetry. Must start as a missingnin.

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Cult of Vecna Empty Re: Cult of Vecna

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