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Post by WhiteFog on Sun Jun 03, 2018 2:31 pm

Ninja Card

Character Name: Satsumi Dokunagu
Nickname: Sumi, Doku
Gender: Female
Age: 15

Height: 5'4"
Weight: 122 Lbs
Appearance: Satsumi, due to her time often spent indoors, is frightfully pale, with a wicked pallor to her skin. Her dark hair is long, often coming to her mid-back, but she tends to wear it in a number of different styles, from a single high ponytail, to twin-tails, to partial up-do, and any number of things that she decides to do that day. Parts of her hair are also dyed a number of colors, but right now, is currently dyed red. Much like one might expect with her relatively dark demeanor, she's gone so far to paint her nails black, and often wears heavy eyeshadow and mascara, despite her young age. Additionally, her natural eye color is red, which only works to match her hair, though when she dyes her hair other than red, she will wear contacts to match this.

Her outfit is comprised of a longsleeve black shirt that doesn't actually start until the middle of her chest, with a few straps above to keep it up. She wears some mesh netting often beneath the shirt as well. She also has a number of other shirts as well, but beyond the long-sleeved one is a short-sleeved top with a square cut neck, the cut coming across the tops of her breasts.

The lower part of her outfit is either an asymetrical skirt that ends at her knee at one leg, and then mid-thigh at the other. Additionally, she also will wear some leather leggings as well as an alternative outfit.

Personality: A little weird and reserved, Satsumi tends to be more than a little off-putting to many of her classmates. Older, mostly due to the fact that she finds the use of ninjutsu kind of boring, and as such, hasn't really been able to progress much past the genin level. She tends to tinker mostly with her poisons, and additionally with her genjutsu, but beyond that she didn't put much time into her studies. Of course, her ability to manipulate chakra is fairly skilled, for her age, and she tends to flaunt that to her peers when given the opportunity.

With others her own age, she tends to find herself not wanting to be a leader in any capacity, but by that same token, she also doesn't really like to follow directions if she feels that her own ideas are better, which can bring her into conflict within the team (another reason why she hasn't risen above genin). However, if another has gotten her respect, she will (to an almost dangerous extent) back them up on their decisions, displaying slightly unhealthy tendencies.

History: Satsumi grew up in the Dokunagu household, her parents both coddling the young girl. Her mother was sickly, and they weren't sure if they were going to be able to actually conceive and carry to term. However, Satsumi was lucky for the full pregnancy. Her father was a poison expert jounin, and as soon as she was able to start learning how to deal with her motor skills, she was starting to dabble in the same poisons as her father, learning what worked well with what, and the different effects they had. Her mother was a specialist in genjutsu and taijutsu, and while Satsumi didn't really much follow in fighting in melee, she did inherit her mother's penchant for illusory jutsu, finding it tied in very well with her use of poisons.

However, being a specialist in poisons and genjutsu at a young age was not really something that really connected well to her peers, causing her some ostracization from her peers. This caused her to introvert, and then focus more on the poisons that she created, as well as several of the puppets her aunt created for her, creating a sort of world in her head, which caused her to draw further into herself as well, making it even harder to make friends and acquaintances. This stunted her social growth to an exceedingly high degree, leading to her current state.


Village: Kirigakure
Rank: Academy Student
Clan: Dokunagu
Element: Fire
Specialty: N/A

Total Stats: 35 [Early Sign On Bonus]
Chakra: 15
Speed: 5
Stamina: 10 (30)
Strength: 5

Other Characters: N/A (Yet)
Notes: Claiming early sign-up bonus

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Satsumi Dokunagu Empty Re: Satsumi Dokunagu

Post by Game Master on Sun Jun 03, 2018 6:00 pm

Hello, welcome to the site! Everything looks good so far.

Remember to create a signature for your character that depicts their stats, as well as a Character Log.

Thank you, and enjoy your time!

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