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Post by Game Master on Fri May 25, 2018 10:13 am

Shinobi RPG

Hello, dear reader. Welcome to Shinobi RPG. Here, we pride ourselves on immersive systems, a welcoming community, and above all, being a place to kick back and have fun. This topic will contain all site rules and information. In short, please read this before creating a character.

Forum Rules

To those of you who have been on forum RPGs before, these rules may sound familiar. However, we would politely ask you not to skim and bear with us for a moment.

1- Enjoyment
People roleplay for a variety of reasons. Perhaps they're bored, perhaps they enjoy the systems, perhaps they just like numbers. However, the most common reason is that it's fun and enjoyable. That's Shinobi RPG's highest priority. Certain actions, however, can negatively affect the enjoyment of other people. Bigotry, bullying, heckling, and anything that could be considered flaming is strictly prohibited. Of course, this doesn't mean that everything has to be all sunshine and rainbows- just keep in mind that everybody is here to have fun. This is the prime focus of this site.

2- Cheating
As a new site, there might be some mistakes in the rules. We'd like to kindly ask that you not exploit any flaws in the existing systems. Any sort of abuse of a faulty rule or system will, at the least, result in all gains being redacted, and at the most, result in a ban.

3- Power Playing/Godmodding
If you've ever roleplayed before, these words might sound familiar. On Shinobi RPG, 'Power Playing' is defined as where one player takes control of another player's character without their permission. It's easy to see how this can negatively impact the fun and enjoyment of other people on the site, so we'd like to ask that you refrain from this altogether. 'Godmodding', on the other hand, is when a character easily breezes through actions through which they should realistically struggle. If you would like to know what your character is capable of, please read through the rest of the rules.

4- Graphic Content
Life isn't all sunshine and rainbows- especially in the world of Shinobi RPG. However, we would like to respectfully ask that you keep all graphic content tasteful in quantity. Graphic content can put the site at a legal liability, and there are some underage members on the site who would not like to read about what your character gets up to under the covers. If you're unsure about graphic content, it's best to edit it out.

5- Staff
The staff are only human, and thus occasionally make mistakes. However, in the event of an argument about site rules and mechanics, please keep in mind that the staff tend to have a more informed opinion about how things are run on Shinobi RPG. The way things are run will always have a good reason. Thank you for understanding.
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